Our Innovation

Our company strives to make all of our clients satisfied. Our services, combined with our development team, produce high quality websites that will make you want to come back.

Our Services
  • Web Development

    web-development-225 When development could potentially be of interest, layout and organization plays an important role in a successful site.

    Furthermore, an easy, user-friendly site enhances business productivity.

  • Open Source Integration

    OpenSource Open source web applications has been around for some time. It's meant to make our life easier.

    If you love to blog, we specialize in Wordpress and offer full integration to accommodate your business or personal needs.

  • Content Management

    content_managementWe all know content is important. The more you have, the harder to organize.

    We provide content management integrations (Joomla and Drupal) and can customize all integrations to your need.

  • Social Networking

    social-networkingNowadays, the web community revolves around social networking. We want to help bring more visitors on your site.

    We can make recommendations  and make improvements to help you with your numbers.

  • Troubleshooting

    troubleshooting Every now and then, a website goes down.

    Be stress free and let us fix your site. We will handle everything to make sure your website is back up and running.


ShouriWeb is a newly emerging web development company in Corona, Queens, NY. Currently, we manage over 50+ websites and still growing.

Web development can cost from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. Whether you are an individual or a startup company, we want to help you! If you are on a budget, give us a try! Our web developers work closely with all our clients. ShouriWeb might just be what you are looking for...

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